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The Goal

The journey of twelve year old Donn Fendler as told in the book Lost On A Mountain In Maine is a story known by generations of children and adults across the country. To date, the only way to experience Donn's journey is through reading his book, or if you're lucky enough, hearing him recount his story first hand.

Our goal is to take Lost On A Mountain In Maine and expand it into a narrative feature film. While the book tells Donn’s side of the story and illuminates themes of hope, survival and the will to live, we've found there is much more to the story. From our research of the extensive search effort made by the local mill workers, to details brought out in conversation with Donn himself, we hope to create a film that delves deeper into the events of those nine days.

Our goal is to create a feature film that loyal fans can be proud of and that new audiences will be drawn to. Donn's story has affected thousands of readers and we hope that by bringing it to a new medium we can spread this powerful story to a much wider audience.