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The Filmmakers

Ryan Cook and Derek Desmond are two filmmakers who met while attending Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts. Derek being from New Hampshire and Ryan being from Maine, both quickly realized that they liked to make the same types of films. While fellow students were spending their time filming in the city, Ryan and Derek kept finding themselves taking their cameras back home.

Most of their student films were shot outdoors surrounded by the natural beauty of New England. They also found themselves shooting several period piece films, which as many know is difficult to do on a student budget. "Whenever we explained to other students or professors what we were looking to do, we'd always get blank stares or words of disbelief," Ryan said when asked about their ambitions as student filmmakers. "We found creative ways to make it work, but we couldn't have accomplished any of it without the in-kind support of our communities at home. Whether we had known people all our lives or had just met them the day before, the support from our home states was what made it all possible."

Not one day had passed after graduation before Derek and Ryan found themselves working in the thriving film industry of Boston. They both currently work in location management for films that come through Boston, acting as the intermediaries between the film crew and the city. Their duties include scouting locations, pulling permits, hiring police and fire details, and parking over two hundred crew cars and twenty eighteen wheelers that typically move with the shoot every day. Their resumes include Ben Affleck's The Town, Tom Cruise's Knight and Day, and most recently Mark Wahlberg's Ted. The experience of working closely with the directors and producers of these films has proven to be invaluable in understanding what it truly takes to make a feature film.