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Finding Donn Fendler - Lost on a Mountain in Maine 72 Years Later

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In 1939, 12-year-old Donn Fendler was lost for 9 days in the woods of Maine near Mount Katahdin. His story of survival inspired the nation and continues to inspire through his book Lost on a Mountain in Maine. The documentary Finding Donn Fendler follows Donn's story through the lens of young filmmakers Derek Desmond and Ryan Cook as they try to turn Donn's adventure into a narrative feature film. Through interviews and footage of Donn today, we discover what an amazing man Donn is and what his story has meant to the people of Maine.


Full Length Documentary

Finding Donn Fendler: Runtime 61 minutes

Narrated 1939 Film Footage

Complete 8mm film footage of Donn's rescue with narration by Donn Fendler

Donn's Story

Excerpt from Documentary - Donn describes his adventure in his own words. Great for showing in classrooms and to younger audiences.

Picture Slideshows

Slideshows with over thirty pictures from 1939 of the search for Donn and his of rescue.
Finding Donn Fendler - Lost on a Mountain in Maine 72 Years Later

All proceeds from DVD sales of Finding Donn Fendler help to support the future film adaptation of Lost on a Mountain in Maine